Sales Jobs

Sell Me This Pen

All kidding aside, almost every business is built on sales. With our background at Youtech, we’re familiar with the rigors and opportunities available to sales professionals at any given moment. The grind is real, and at Youcruut we know how to find the candidates who embrace it. If you’re looking for for full time sales positions, a career in sales, or even part time sales jobs, check out our job opportunities below.

Youcruut - Sales positions

Direct Hire (Full/Part-time)

Candidates in the direct hire pool are top-rated individuals with a strong resume who are ready to find a new home for closing deals. Our talent acquisition team specializes in identifying applicants who are prepared for a full-time gig.


Experienced sales professionals can help companies who need an outside perspective to improve their overall processes or sales cycle. Qualified individuals for consulting are typically hired on a contract or via retainer.


Need additional oversight for your sales team? Finding the right fit with an experienced manager can be a difficult task. Fortunately, our network of sales jobs stretches beyond that of your usual recruitment firm.