IT Jobs

Let’s Get Technical

Youcruut was created as a sister company of the leading marketing agency, Youtech. Along with advertising, we’ve established reliable teams in technology-related fields like web design and web development. Over the years, we have grown to understand the heavy need for IT professionals and the pivotal roles they play.

As a professional team of recruiters, we now search for candidates with education or experience in IT who are trying to land a position in this growing industry. So, as long as you have knowledge about hardware, software, processing, and networking, we’re sure to have an employer looking for your skillset.

Youcruut - IT Jobs

Direct Hire (Full/Part-time)

Candidates in the direct hire pool are top-rated individuals with a strong resume who are ready to find a new IT job. Our talent acquisition team specializes in identifying applicants who are prepared for a full-time position.


Often companies are seeking experts with a reliable background in IT. These candidates have years of experience and are usually hired on a contract or via retainer.


Anyone who is on the hunt for their first job in IT may benefit from building experience as a contracted freelancer. If you’re looking to beef up your resume and are ready to work on a per-project basis offering basic troubleshooting, this is a great place to start.